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Innovation & Scouting

Module I: Scouting Field Evaluation and Strategy

NoviSmart will analyze and review specific startups based on the scope given by the target company. In a Kick-off Innovation Workshop NoviSmart and the target company will analyze and determine the potential scouting as well as technology fields relevant to the target company.

Module II: Startup Scouting and Selection

Scouting and focus areas are aligned with the trend drivers such as technology evolution, expanding ecosystems and people. NoviSmart will support with scouting, evaluation and prepare reports indicating trends as well as selected startups.

Trend Reporting & Innovation Framework

Module III: Trend Reporting & Strategic Field Analysis

The visibility of trends in combination with available public financial data is the basis for the development of trend scouting and startup evaluation for the target company.

Module IV: Proof of Concept with Startups

Having identified and selected specific startups, NoviSmart will support and arrange the set up of a joint development with startups. The specific goals can be identified within the process of setting up the “Proof of Concept”.


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